2012 NTISR Distinguished Keynote Speakers:

Non-Traditional ISR Summit 2012: Expanding the Military’s Intelligence Gathering Capabilities

IDGA’s 3rd Annual Non-Traditional ISR Summit will provide the most up-to-date information on the latest NTISR advancements in technologies and lessons learned from recent efforts and aircraft enhancements. This event will take a closer look at military strategies for integrating ISR capabilities into existing platforms as well as active operations in intelligence starved regions.

NEW 2012 FOCUS! Additions to this year’s summit include:

  • Tactical Ground Reporting System
  • Latest ISR integration strategies
  • Advancements in Infrared Sensor Technology
  • Latest developments in “Every Soldier is a Sensor” initiative

Prepare for IDGA’s Non-Traditional ISR Summit: View the Program Agenda, spread the word by Telling a Colleague and download a few of our free articles and interviews from the Resource Center today!

Invest your time networking with leaders of the NTISR community and hear briefings on:

  • Current effects and future guidance of NTISR policy
  • The role of Non-Traditional ISR in combat effectiveness
  • Cost savings from utilization of nontraditional assets
  • Developments in the Global Hawk Program
  • Latest updates and advancements in GEOINT
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